Keto “Works”; But a Balanced Diet Is Better!

It seems that, in all aspects of life, the hardest thing to conquer is balance. Whether it’s the balance of work, time for self, family time or a relationship; it’s all challenging. In this post I’ll be talking about how essential it is to have a balanced rather than fad diet for longevity. As a Life Trainer and a Fitness Nutrition specialist, I observe many clients trying a variety of diets. Over the past couple of weeks or so, I’ve heard about all the trials and errors of each diet and I must say some have produced weight loss results with the compliment of consistently attending my group training classes 3x a week. On the contrary, just because one works doesn’t justify it as a good diet.

Keto Pros and Cons

Keto may sound like some made up fad diet name, but it’s actually a natural process that the body reverts to when it’s running low on glucose as its source of energy. According to Satterthwaite (2018), your body will begin to break down fat and create ketones as an energy source. It’s kind of like your body’s built in backup generator. Because Keto lacks carbs, the diet will be copious in fats and proteins. It includes a sufficient amount of meats, processed meats, sausages, bacon, butter, oils, seeds, cheeses, fish, nuts, and fibrous vegetables (1).

Some of the possible pros of Keto is:

Weight loss, Treating epilepsy, Type 2 diabetes, and cancer. It was first used to treat seizures which it had done successfully for many years. As for weight loss, there are metabolic changes that occur with this diet.  In concerns to fat loss, we sometimes go to the extreme for temporary result. If the diet just so happens to work, then of course we can obtain the physical benefits associated with losing the body fat.

Clients That Tried Keto

Lost 28 lbs. while incorporating training 3x a week/12 a month.

Lost 23 lbs. while incorporating training 3x a week/12 a month.

One of the cons of the Keto diet is that it is missing many of the key nutrients. It is also very difficult to keep up with a high fat diet and not being able to eat certain foods you enjoy can also be a lot to deal with as well. The Keto diet also conflicts with the way you use the stool, without consuming as much fiber you can run into a hard stool. Then there’s the Keto flu, during the time of transitioning from your original way of eating to keto it can cause headaches, nausea, irritability, fatigue, and constipation.

I even had one of my clients to break out as if she had an allergic reaction, which was actually a result of the high amounts of protein and saturated fats like cheese and whole milk. This is also known as the “Keto rash” because again, you have to know how to balance the healthy fats (Avocados, Natural oils: Avocado oil) and the saturated fats. When we are done with a diet because we have achieved the results we desired, we usually result back to the same eating habits. This is one of the major problems with fad diets, it’s not that they don’t work; it’s the fact that they don’t last long term. There also hasn’t been any studies conducted that support the long term benefits of it.

The best thing to do is to consult with a registered dietitian and get guidance from them on proper nutrition and the diet that suites you. Having an overall well nourished diet is the best way to go about fat loss and being able to keep all the high quality foods. This way you can have muscle gain, fat loss, and general maintenance of your body while also incorporating a training program.

Nothing worth having long term is achieved over night. It’ll take consistency, failure, readjusting, and commitment. Not just any commitment, but self commitment. Be cognizant that your struggle is only temporary and Greater Things Await!


  1. Campos, M. (2018, July 06). Ketogenic diet: Is the ultimate low-carb diet good for you? Retrieved June 16, 2019, from

2. Satterthwaite, L., & Ldn. (2018, December 11). The Pros and Cons of the Keto Diet. Retrieved March 16, 2019, from

5 thoughts on “Keto “Works”; But a Balanced Diet Is Better!

  1. Thanks for the advice. I have do-workers who have stuck with Keto and consider it a lifestyle rather than a diet, whereas I got on board because my wife and her co-workers were committing to it. While I did lose a bit of weight, it’s difficult to gauge when you’re really in that Keto zone, and for me, I get really sluggish after a while. And the desire to indulge hasn’t really gone away.

    A healthy diet, exercise and for me, prayer and study, is fundamental. This blog is a good reminder of that. Thank you 🙂

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